About Us


Mission Statement

Our passion is to provide the highest quality projects while meeting or exceeding your construction schedule deadlines, delivered in a safe working environment.  We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, open communication, timely responses and creating the safest work environment for all team members.

Cheryl Rachupka, President

Richard Vena, Vice President, Construction Manager

Who Are We?

R&V Contracting Inc. is a small, family owned, women owned, Veteran owned and spouse of a Veteran owned Contracting Company.  Cheryl Rachupka, President, recently formed this company and partnered with her cousin, Richard Vena, formerly of Richard Vena Design and Construction Inc.  Richard is a Veteran with over 30 years of general contracting and construction management experience. Cheryl is the spouse of a Veteran and was previously a Mutual Fund Wholesaler and Loan Officer with over 15 years of Financial, Sales and office Management experience. 

R&V Contracting is an SBA Certified:

  • Women Owned
  • Small